Comes with a love that is online asked you for cash?

Comes with a love that is online asked you for cash?

I recently had an experience that is similar Instagram. A man known as Kurt McMahon delivered me personally buddy request. Then started professing their love for me personally (too soon). He had been a legal us resident, lives in LA, Beverly Hills, features a son known as Oliver. That their lost their spouse two years ago in a motor car crash. He had been to locate love once again and was convinced I was usually the one, the search was over (lol). He also desired to hook up help him gain lot of money with me. Then started asking for iTunes cards to upload some files online for a project he had at work, a contract that was gonna. He advertised he couldn’t make use of their bank card bc he hadn’t had time for you to restore it (he thought I became that stupid to think that). He then switched to Amazon cards ($50-100) claiming that he would buy material for me personally. Whenever I told him i did son’t have cash he’d ask to have him merely a $25 iTunes or Amazon card alternatively. We knew he had been lying all along. A single day (that was October 16) he supposedly on his option to get together beside me, he texted saying he required a $100 Amazon card to get material for their son Oliver, it absolutely was urgent. I happened to be interacting with him tru hangouts app. We went bck to their Instagram web web web page it stated individual maybe perhaps maybe not discovered. That has been October 16, 2018 yesterday. Be careful out there y’all! I told him countless time also from begin that We he had been a fraudulence, a fake! Told him that yesterday before blocking him on Instagram and deleting him on hangouts. Instagram has to do sth about these people too.

Appears like guy that is same did exact exact exact same in my experience. Reported he required cash that their bank-account was indeed frozen in the united states. Stated he had been employed in the gulf. He showed me a video clip and don’t have an accent but chatted on phone could not barely comprehend him because of their message. Its nearly the same as just what happened certainly to me. He wanted cash stated I became their lovely wife along with his wife passed away in car wreck. But we dropped for their scam but sent no cash

Seems like the man I came across on words with buddies. I have talked to him twice supposedly from Germany. No German accent. I really could hardly comprehend him. Their wife passed away in automobile accident, nonetheless it would be to painful to mention. 12 year old daughter began Texting me personally asking for itunes card. It absolutely was all on hangouts. Deleted their Words acct. How do we trade pictures with this man. He is waiting for me to Western Union him cash for an airplane ticket. Never PLANNING TO HAPPEN. Susanna we see your post ended up being from Nov 17, 2018. I do not understand in the event that you check straight right straight back with this specific web web web site. I’ve messaged another lady because of the same story. Many Thanks

This appear to be a comparable story. Wife killed by drunk motorist and has a 14 year daughter that is old. Does anybody have an image?

Yes we do, child known as sarah?

I have already been speaking with an individual he calls himself Hoffman Davidson. He could be on a rig within the gulf coast of florida. Kept asking for cash for their child Rose, an engine that is broken a briefcase with valuables on it that needed paid for. Bing Enjoy cards for phone mins! Have sent lots of cash. He wants more now. Does problem to anybody available to you? He claims he really loves me personally. Intends to marry me personally. Can come house quickly!, never a call, video clip call. Absolutely absolutely Nothing.! Can pay me straight back. Claims his spouse dies of breast cancer. Includes a child known as Rose in boarding college. Never ever seen him. Has sent picture but i really do t understand if it is really him. Can’t find him on Google either at address I was given by him. Exactly What y’all think? Is he scamming me personally? It truly hurts once they profess their love for you for way too long and absolutely nothing ever takes place. Claims I’m gorgeous. Probably the most unique girl. Exactly What can I do about that. We hurt and devastated.

Did they state exactly what company you work with and I simply delivered you an image

In addition met a guy called William Stanley. ( Very Early October). Simply cut ties week that is last. States he’s for a rig in gulf coast of florida with a son called Daniel in boarding school. We have pictures he claim is wamba dating him, a fake texas motorists permit, picture shopped pictured of him and their mom!! We destroyed $200 behind that RIPOFF!! Him out on it, it stopped communicating with me via Hangout and WhatsUp App phone calls when I called. Sorry to say, but please proceed. He claims he will be around in December. I am maybe maybe not waiting it ALL LIES!! I’ve cut my Losses and Moved on because I know. You should be careful. PS: He additionally had 4,000 Instragram supporters. Ladies are Thirsty.

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