When exporting and importing, shipping documents can be used numerously and may include: a bill of lading, an airway bill, or a truck bill of lading; a commercial invoice; a certificate of origin; an insurance certificate; a packing list; or other documents required to clear customs.

Trade Bridge will produce a legal document include Commercial Invoice, Packing list, Bill of lading, Import License and etc. to properly declare the goods to the local Customs.

This is typically necessary when shipping across borders (i.e. from a country to a different country). Trade Bridge processes ensure that the right document is produced when needed, and that the local Customs have what they need to calculate the applicable duties/taxes.

Our full range of documentation services ensures timely and accurate clearance. We make sure efficient handling of your shipment with proper customs documentation

We depute our executives for the clients. Who on regular basis keep check on pending work and seek clarifications on specific subject and update the resolution status to the clients. We have a practical approach towards time and result oriented management. With correct technical know how and standardize procedures developed by us, issues are targeted in time and resolved.

Trade Bridge consistently follows up with clients to ensure smooth functionality of Export / Import documentation. Our outsource services include:

  • Preparation of pre-shipment & Post-shipment documents:
  • Preparation of application for Export Incentive/Reward Scheme:
  • Preparation of application to Central Excise: