Giant Centre: An Online Selling Platform For Buyers

A unique platform for prospective global trade investors, Giant Centre is the place for individuals seeking entry into the Pakistan trade market. The aim of Giant Centre is to provide potential buyers and sellers a common ground to come together, connect and share their products and services. The idea is to give international manufacturers and Pakistan buyers looking for trade and investment solutions, the opportunity to interact through offline and online mediums. With a great professional task force, Giant Centre aims towards creating a larger than ever forum where the concerned parties can communicate directly with each other. Trade Bridge, proud promoter of the Giant Centre, assists in the legal titbits, customer relations, administrative formalities, and marketing activities for clients. Already a flourishing service provider, Giant Centre is moving towards becoming a perfect destination for international businessmen. At Trade Bridge of Companies, we believe this is to be a milestone in international trade that will give the ever-increasing Pakistan business arena the space to reach immense heights.

Online Selling Platform

Your in-house services provider for global trade and investment, Trade Bridge bring you the revolutionary Giant Centre platform to come, connect, explore and participate in the Pakistan marketplace. Join us Now!

Online Selling Services

The Giant Centre operates on the unique platform of O2O platform of B2B business model. O2O platform, Online-to-Offline, is a system that aims at convincing online consumers to leave their online space and acquire services from physical service providers. When the whole world is online, it is mandatory to build your brand a strong virtual base where consumers can reach you at a click. To ensure that we work constantly on maintaining our clients’ online presence even to the remotest corners of the country so prospective buyers can discover you anywhere. We plan a system for digital marketing, so your brand is up and available on the best online selling platforms. This includes in depth research of the online market to understand your brand needs and identifying the perfect online service provider for your product. This is an important step for your venture’s success depends on the exposure and attention it gets in the wider market.

Building Online Base

At Trade Bridge, we understand the importance of a strong marketing technique and agendas to ensure the success of your trade venture. This requires optimized strategies for a deep footed launch and strong online operating platform. This means we explore your market, target audience, build connections, maintain relations and prepare online marketing systems that give your brand the necessary exposure to survive online. Trade Bridge has established a stronghold in the international market over the decades which has led us a great insight and understanding into the working mechanism of O2O business model. We implement those techniques to create you a brand reputation that can entice your consumer to seek your services at physical instead of virtual spaces. Trade Bridge, with Giant Centre, has till date organized numerous marketing activities across the various corners of Pakistan that has given exposure to the remotest suppliers and manufacturers over the online ground. This includes providing strong infrastructure, legal assistance, marketing plans, sourcing solution, and financial support.


Trade Bridge Online Services

Trade Bridge itself has been a major import and export service provider for over a decade around the world. In collaboration with the Giant Centre, we are constantly striving towards working our online trade solutions better. This means an all-inclusive service system that fulfills all your trading needs at once. Our services include trade assurance, building a strong business identity, providing logistics services, inspections service, secure payment modes and bringing together various international manufacturers and Pakistan buyers to suit so they can partner up for further trade ventures and investment plans.

Over the years, we have catered to the needs of the international buyers looking for import export of various products and services. Now we are available live with our products and services that will give you access to us at a few clicks. Dealing with the best quality suppliers for construction materials, sanitary ware, sports equipments, home and kitchen appliances, flooring and furniture, we have the best-ever range for your construction needs. We are also stepping foot into furnishing and interior décor so you can get all-inclusive solutions at one place!